Business Intelligence

The CRM Business Intelligence module provides ad hoc reporting for use with the Risk2009™ claims management software or as a standalone risk analytics tool. It provides ad hoc reporting, interactive dashboards, and scheduling and delivery of reports.

Ad Hoc Reporting 

Users are put in control of reporting through the Answers component of the module. Reports can be produced without programming support. Functionality includes:

  • Logical data structure and naming conventions
  • Drag and drop report building
  • Saving and modifying reports or build from scratch
  • Charts
  • Pivot tables
  • Sharing of reports including
  • Downloading of reports, tables and charts into excel and other Microsoft Office software

Interactive Dashboards

The dashboards component of the module provides the user with a visual summary of key data. Each user may personalize their own dashboard to show trends and information most relevant to their role. Functionality includes:

  • Personalized and shared dashboards
  • Fully customizable based on each user’s individual needs and role
  • Rich user interface and graphics
  • Guided navigation to aid dashboard development and provide insight into data trends
  • Alerts to help trigger management actions

Scheduling and Delivery 

The scheduling and delivery of reports can be automated through the Delivers component of the module. Functionality includes:

  • Emailing reports directly from the module
  • Scheduling of reports to be automatically updated periodically. Reports can also be scheduled to be delivered to selected recipients on a periodic basis
  • Integration with Microsoft Office allowing up-to-the-minute risk data to be embedded into Powerpoint, Word or Excel documents ensuring that all users are working off the latest information.


The CRM business intelligence module uses the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Suite as the underlying technology. It is a web-based reporting module, which can be installed at a client site or hosted by Computer Risk Management. The full dashboard and ad hoc reporting capabilities are also available off-line.