Risk 2009™ Product Editions

Risk2009™ is offered on an unbundled basis to respond to the needs of users in specific claim areas. This approach minimizes the amount of redundancy and cost in each product edition and improves the usability of the product for that particular claim type. All product editions include the modular structure of Risk2009™ with separate first incident report, claims management and reporting modules 

Risk2009™ - Cargo

Risk2009™ - Cargo is focused solely on cargo and OS&D claims. This edition was developed for trucking companies to manage the cost of self-insured cargo claims. It is also applicable to other inland and ocean marine claims. The first incident report module integrates with dispatch systems to prevent re-entry of driver and load information. The claims management system includes subrogation tools to manage recoveries from third parties and insurers. 

Risk2009™ - Liability

Risk2009™ – Liability is focused solely on Property Damage and Bodily Injury claims. It is applicable to the management to a variety of liability claims, including automobile liability, general liability, products liability and professional liability. The occurrence structure of the Risk2009™ system allows multiple claims to be managed from a single event. Claims information can be maintained at the occurrence level providing consistency across related claims. Litigation management tools co-ordinate the defense of claims with outside parties.

Risk2009™ - Physical Damage

Risk2009™ - Physical Damage is focused solely on first party property claims, including auto physical damage, buildings and contents claims. This claims system has broad applicability to first party property claims and with its occurrence structure is designed to manage the accumulation of claims from a single catastrophe event. Subrogation tools help increase recoveries from third parties, while integration with internal ERP systems and external insurer systems improve accuracy and eliminate re-entering of data. 

Risk2009™ - Workers Compensation

Risk2009™ – Workers Compensation is focused solely on lost time and medical only claims. The first incident reporting module includes an optional web based claims reporting and EDI with participating States. The system improves claims handling efficiency through integration with HRIS systems and automated activities through form letters and the diary system. The financial components of the system allow for check writing including periodic lost time payments, and medical bill review. Risk2009™ - Workers Compensation comes with OSHA and safety reports as standard. 

Risk2009™ - Industry

Risk2009™ - Industry combines the functionality of the individual claim types into a comprehensive multi-disciplinary claims system. The system's occurrence structure allows multiple claims to be managed and tracked from a single event. Risk2009™ - Industry can integrate with multiple internal and external systems improving the efficiency and accuracy of claims handling. The software is available as a client server installation behind a client's firewall or hosted in an ASP model by Computer Risk Management.

Risk2009™ - Benchmark

Risk2009™ - Benchmark adds our business intelligence reporting module to the claims functionality in Risk2009™ - Industry edition. The combination of CRM's extensive relational claims database and the flexible reporting within the business intelligence module provide for powerful and in-depth analysis of an organization's claims data. The business intelligence module puts users in control of reporting allowing them to produce ad hoc reports without programming support. In addition to the Risk2009™ database, the business intelligence module can be extended out to other databases for more in-depth analysis. For more information on the functionality of this edition, please visit the business intelligence section of the web-site.