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Custom Web Applications

We create solutions for you, so that you and your clients are empowered with information, whether it is a simple web site,  a custom ERP solution, or porting of legacy apps to newer architecture.  We have even done a ton of data entry for some of our clients. If you already have a buzzword in mind, here are a few:
.NET, SQL Server, Java, php, MySql, Drupal, Joomla, Zend framework, Codeignitor, ORACLE, Ruby on Rails, Magento, KnowledgeTree, Typo3,  Linux administration, Customization, Consulting, Support,  Maintenance, CRM, ERP, Document Management.


Risk2009™ is a customizable product. Customization can include workflow, reporting, hierarchies, claim forms, form letters and interfaces. Our customization services are priced as a professional service based on the estimated time to complete the customization. All customization is performed by CRM employees or independent contractors. We do not outsource customization or professional services support to outside consultants. We have access to highly skilled and low-cost technology resources which allows us to provide consulting support at rates which are among the lowest in the industry.


Fast, simple, effective

Software implementation shouldn’t have to take six months. Once you have bought the product, you want to use it.

Our implementation process typically takes less than one week. Extensive customization may extend this, but we have never failed to implement our product complete with customization in less than one month.

Data Conversion

 We can convert your old data into the Risk2009™ product. We have worked with many of the leading software vendors to convert data from their systems, including versions of the software no longer supported by the vendor. Data conversion is a custom service and is priced based on the structure of the database holding the old data.


 Training is a key component of our service approach. The value of a software product can only be realized if it is used. Users need to understand and be comfortable with the operation of all aspects of the software. We offer two types of training programs:

  • End user training: in this program our training is geared towards the actual user of the software. It is most often used where there is a relatively small number of users.
  • Train-the-trainer: for larger organizations, it can be beneficial to develop an in-house training capability. In this situation CRM will train the trainers and assist in the development of the in-house training program.

All of our training is instructor led and is offered either in-person or via the internet. We can also develop training materials for use by clients internally. All implementations include on-site training.

Maintenance and Support

 Our standard maintenance agreement provides technical support for the product. Our standard support hours are 8am – 6pm CST Monday-Friday. Extended support can be arranged on an individual client basis.


 As an alternative to installing Risk2009™ on your own computer systems, you may use CRM-on-line to host the application and database for you. This option provides you with all software and hardware for the application for a low monthly subscription charge. All you need is an internet connection to connect to CRM On-Line.